Focused on Rare Endocrine Diseases

Advancing potential breakthrough medicines for rare endocrine diseases of substantial medical need with validated molecular targets

Powered by World-class Medicinal Expertise and Chemical Technologies

Creating novel peptide therapeutics with optimized pharmaceutical properties

Led by a Team of Proven Drug Developers

Successfully collaborated on the discovery, development and registration of first-in-class endocrine drugs including Forteo® and Humalog®

Our Mission

We aim to provide a higher standard of care in the treatment of rare endocrine diseases through the discovery, development and commercialization of novel peptide therapeutics.

About us

MBX Biosciences is a preclinical-stage biotechnology company using validated molecular targets to create medicines for rare endocrine diseases where current therapies are inadequate.

MBX’s leadership team has collaborated successfully over several decades to discover, develop and register first-in-class endocrine therapeutics. A distinguishing strength of MBX is world-class proprietary peptide drug discovery.

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Therapeutic Focus

Endocrine signaling pathways use peptide hormones to regulate many physiological functions including growth, energy utilization, metabolism, gastrointestinal function and stress responses. Diseases arise when these pathways are disrupted by injury, surgery, genetic mutations, tumors (such as NETs), inflammation or senescence.

Typical treatment of endocrine diseases has historically entailed administration of unphysiological doses of hormones or antagonists to replace, supplement or block endogenous biology. The goal of the therapeutic intervention is to restore homeostasis and appropriate endocrine function.

An attraction in developing drugs for endocrine diseases is that the biological pathways are largely well understood, and the disease targets are appreciably validated. A common challenge is that native hormones have relatively short time-action and therefore require frequent administration or pump-based infusion, and often in large amounts. The therapeutic window can be appreciably narrow such that the dose required to achieve full efficacy is insufficiently separated from the tolerated dose required to adequately restore homeostasis and proper biological function.

To overcome these challenges, MBX Biosciences is advancing novel peptide hormone analogs by applying its world-class chemistry to address rare endocrine diseases. Our first disease indications are poorly managed with conventional drugs, but possess highly validated molecular targets to support drug discovery and development.

Technology & Platform

Richard DiMarchi is one of the world’s leading peptide chemists. He has successfully designed multiple peptide-based drugs and drug candidates. His research group is well recognized for discovery of novel chemical approaches to drug discovery and their application to the design of peptides with optimized pharmacological characteristics.

Native peptide hormones are challenging to use as drugs. By contrast, peptides designed using our chemical technology and state-of-the-art experience have significantly enhanced pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics relative to native sequence. Importantly, these characteristics can be fine-tuned based upon reproducible chemical strategies that have been well proven in endocrine diseases.

In the news…

MBX Biosciences Appoints Mary Jane Geiger, M.D., Ph.D., as Chief Medical Officer

MBX Biosciences today announced the appointment of Mary Jane Geiger, M.D., Ph.D, FACP, FAHA. to the newly created role of chief medical officer. Dr. Geiger will oversee MBX’s global clinical drug development, bringing more than 20 years’ experience in clinical drug development and supporting multiple successful drug registrations.

MBX Biosciences Announces Board Appointment of Industry Veteran

MBX Biosciences today announced the appointment of James Cornelius to its board of directors. Mr. Cornelius brings deep experience growing companies, including as chairman and CEO of Bristol Myers Squibb, and as board member and CFO of Eli Lilly.

MBX Biosciences Closes $34.6 Million Series A Financing in Rare Endocrine Diseases

MBX Biosciences announced today the the closing of a $34.6 million Series A financing. The financing was led by Frazier Healthcare Partners, with participation from OrbiMed, New Enterprise Associates, Indiana Philanthropic Venture Fund (IU PhV), Indiana Seed Fund III (managed by BioCrossroads) and Twilight Venture Partners II.